Flatshare fridges in Lego style

by anoop

I used to have a whole big box of Lego building blocks. I used make all sorts of things. My folks thought I would become an engineer or an architect. Kid’s got good talent at this stage! Ah! But that did not happen. Anyway what I am trying to say here is that Stefan Buchberger has made the stackable Flatshare Fridge which could become a superhit in dorms all over the world. He is a student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna where his Flatshare Fridges come in different colors and also can be customized in many configurations. Each fridge block is smaller than the conventional fridge. This results in less energy consumption. That is what I was trying to say. Atleast someone went along with their dreams! I don’t know if this will ever be taken for commercial production. If it does, this guy is going to be a billionaire at the snap of a finger!