Flat cables, for style and storing comfort

by Shayne Rana

I’ve always had a big problem with cables and they aren’t always easy to just roll up and conveniently put away. LaCie has thankfully provided a stylish and convenient solution to this annoyance with their range of Flat Cables. The cables are available for all purposes and the company, keeping in mind the need to also personalize all aspects of our lives, has designed these unique cables in a slew of colors. They’ve offered them for a variety of purposes from use with USB, Firewire and eSATA connections.

LaCie has designed a total of seven different cables for a variety of connectivity options. The cables come with labels that can be can customized and stuck to the them so it’s easy to tell what’s connected to what and where. All of the LaCie Flat Cables equipped to handle Firewire connectivity of any kind start at a price of $12.99 and all USB cables start at $9.99.

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