Five health benefits of playing online games

by Dhiram Shah

Online games are the most sought after modes of entertainment these days. Be it the action games like Mortal Kombat, Battle lands Royale or adventure games like clash of clans, Pub-G, there is a huge audience for these games these days.

Playing online games is well known to provide some health benefits – relieves stress, anxiety, makes us cheerful and helps us improve our focus. There is plenty of evidence in support of it. This has led many people to incorporate online games into the daily part of their lives. Allocating some time for online games will improve our mental health amazingly. In this post, we shall get to know about the few health benefits that one could derive from playing online games.

1. Improves Mood
Playing online games helps uplift our moods amazingly. Doesn’t the sweetness of victory make us immensely euphoric? The dopamine rush gives us a pleasure which is hard to explain but can only be felt. Playing online games can relieve your stress, reduce your anxiety, and regulate our cortisol levels to improve our moods and perform better. Recent findings indicate that gaming can be used as a means of therapy for people who suffer from various mental health issues.

2. They improve our brain function
Research indicates that playing skill-based online games helps improve our brain function. Imagine a game like online poker, which is heavily reliant on skills. The poker game involves using skills like mental dexterity, mathematics, logical reasoning, etc which in turn helps in the overall development of the brain. Additionally playing a skill game like Texas Holdem or Pot Limit Omaha poker helps us in improving our memory. The player has to be attentive throughout the game. Naturally, memory power would increase if he plays the game for an extended period of time.

3. Improves our reaction rate
We’ve all heard about people who have the ability to fetch information in a split second and take bold decisions. For some, they can derive this technique through online gaming. As new information is constantly displayed, players tend to adapt to it. Moreover, while playing action/adventure games you are always on the toes as the enemies could attack you anytime, your reaction rate improves.

4. Improves Decision-Making skills
Fast online games need you to make fast decisions and an ability to assess the situation clearly. The decisions you take to shield yourself from the impending danger often proves to be a significant factor in the game’s outcome. A study by neuroscientists prove that online games are one of the best ways to improve decision making as players assimilate a lot of information and make clear decisions while playing. For example, whenever you play poker tournaments where your fortunes change every split second, every single decision you take count.

5. Inspires learning
Certain adventure games like Call of war allow you to rewrite the course of history! You can take control of the mighty powers during WW2 and redefine history. The positive aspect of playing games like this is you get to research more about the information related to that era.
Of course, it’s important to keep your gaming habit under control. If you managed to do it, it can improve your well-being immensely.