Fisker’s hybrid car Karma increases price to $95,900

by Shalu Pillai

Everyone does their little bit for the environment. Fisker Automotive too are doing their two-bits with their electric-drive car; the now $95,900 (baseline price) eco-friendly automobile, Karma. Originally announced in 2007, while the company’s first plug-in hybrid has still not reached production, its price has seen a considerable jump from the initial announced price of $80,000. Speaking of the car, its aesthetics and eco-friendly features does promise to put Karma in a league of its own. The Fisker Karma will be a four-door plug-in hybrid capable of doing 50 miles of all-electric driving and then further hundreds of miles with the help of a gas engine.

Mass production is expected to begin in February 2011. Clichéd, but any more delays and we’re going to have to question its Karma after all!

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