First ever MAC botnet detected by Symantec

by Gareth Mankoo

If you own a MAC, and do not have any suicidal tendencies, then make sure that you do not download Apple’s iWork 09 from any bit torrent client. It is come to be known that the torrent has been infected with the first ever MAC OS X botnet! This was detected by the guys at Symantec and I can bet you all my money they must’ve cried Eureka (read: you wrecker)! A copy of this deadly bot was also reported in the Photoshop CS4 torrent. The guy who authored the malware simply introduced the devil bot in the downloaded copy of the software. We now face some interesting interviews and developments along with humorous denials from those who have been flagging the MAC OS X banner on every inch of their being.

The MAC OS X bot has been known to cause some catastrophic Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. So make sure that you have your horses tied cuz if they break lose, you won’t be seeing the MAC nor the zombie, they will be gone before you even know it.

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