First ever interactive sex robot called Roxxxy could make girlfriends obsolete

by Shayne Rana

CES may have had just a couple of serious trends that materialized this year and although many blogs and sites may have covered quite a bit of the event, here’s something they may have missed you believe me you won’t want to. A company called True Companion, has built and designed the one thing that every man would wants and every woman would want to destroy, the first ever, fully interactive sex robot! This android, and obviously nowhere close to being of the green robot variety, is called Roxxxy and comes with a limited amount of AI technology that allows her to react to touch to the extent that she can actually have an orgasm.

Roxxxy can also be customized and programmed to access a total of 5 separate ‘girlfriend’ personalities that are stored on her internal hard drive, and that wasn’t an innuendo in any way. Users can also design their own personality profiles and share them online with others and even exchange personalities. She’s also capable of carrying on a conversation to an extent. The most important aspect is that she’s anatomically consistent with a human. Is there anything left to say? This is quite a leap forward in the field and while there have been other android like fembots, like the Actroid DER2 with it’s many expressions etc. this is the one you’d remember the most I’m sure.

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