First ever DefCon event to teach white hat hacking skills to children

by ruchi

Off late, we have heard of couple of nasty hacks leading to compromise of data security but still never though white hat hacking could be looked upon as a dignified profession. But the organizers of DefCon beg to differ. They are not expanding the annual US Hacker conference to the next generation i.e. kids with the first-ever children’s version of the infamous gathering of ‘bad’ software-savvy guys. The event is scheduled to take place on 6 and 7th August in Las Vegas and aimed at children in the age bracket of 8 and 16 years who intend to how to be ethical or white hat hackers.

At the conference young people will learn about opening master locks, Google hacking, and communicating in code. It will also feature a workroom where kids can participate in hacking activities such as a codebreaking museum and a hardware hacking station. Obviously this isn’t about creating a bunch of black hat hackers such as LulzSec for it only aims teaching children hacking skills which could be used for legitimate purposes.