First pictorial Android evolutionary chart tickles nostalgia

by Gareth Mankoo

Has it really been that long ago that we started harping about Android devices? Well, it would not seem so looking at the 4th main variant of the OS out not. But when you look at the finer differences worked on, by Google, ever since they took the OS over, you could well be startled.

Take the lock screen for instance. It’s clear that the OS has gone a darker shade. Black is the new new after all. The number of touch-sensitive controls on the screen have gone down too.

The same goes for the home screen. The search bar which was earlier large and imposing blends neatly with the design in later versions, finally heading towards transparency. (I for one, have hidden the ruddy thing on my Android device).

The menu tray has gone from large and chunky to neat, minimal and a lot more visible, thanks to the darker background. The awkward home button in the middle era has been given a pair of companions later and finally replaced with the back button in the later versions.
More images reveal the presence of the calculator, the Settings menu, and a sub menu page. Oh, how quickly they release new ones these days.

[Via – Phonearena]