Firefox 3.1 beta gifts Mac users multitouch gesture controls

by mohsin

We covered the new Firefox 3.1 beta yesterday with its new privacy mode, but the new browser has more features for the Mac user as well. In October, Mozilla’s Eddie Lee created an experimental version that allowed Mac users to have limited gesture controls, now it has been made official. As in Safari, Firefox is now fully controllable with a single hand.
Here’s a listing of the swiping support:
– 3 finger swipe Left: Go back in history (hold Cmd to open it in a tab)
– 3 finger swipe Right: Go forward in history
– 3 finger swipe Up: Go to the top of the page
– 3 finger swipe Down: Go to the end of the page
– Pinch Together: Zoom out
– Pinch Apart: Zoom in
– Twist Right: Next tab
– Twist Left: Previous tab
The final version of the browser is not yet in sight, so far all we see is the beta and looks like its gonna be like that for some more time now.