Finally a gaming char in which gamers can actually live in

by Gareth Mankoo

There are gaming chairs and then there’s the Bauhutte RS-800RR, a spacious, habitat of sorts for gamers. The chair is multi-functional and looks to be rather comfortable for those who nestle into such for several hours. The design of the chair reminds you of the cockpit of a car, with its snug cushioned surface and the ability to retain the gamer’s stable posture. The bucket seat form is especially conducive for long hours of gameplay. The best part about the RS-800RR chair is the fact that once your back’s all weary from all the shooting and steering, you do not need to drag yourself to a bed to lie down. The recliner on this throne gives you the same comfort that sleeping in a hammock would. You can adjust the angle of inclination and lock the backrest in place. Another important aspect of a gaming chair is the amount of flexibility you can enjoy with the armrest. The fully adjustable armrest on this one can truly be a blessing.

You have a choice of colors to pick from as well. This could match the color scheme of your gaming rig for a pleasing visual effect. It is available at Amazon Japan for about 23,000 Yen ($208).



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