Finally, a wiper for your motorcycle helmet windscreen

by Gareth Mankoo

Riding in the rain is an amazing experience but then the thrill comes with the chill of knowing your vision is permanently cloudy. In addition to stray and stubborn droplets on your helmet’s windscreen, riders have to also combat the fogging caused by breathing. The Rainpal helmet windscreen wiper comes in as a blessing for those who’d rather play it safe in the rain. It attaches snuggly to any helmet and offers variable speed wiping, wiper delay and visor cleaning spray for the most treacherous weather conditions. The wiper has been tested at speeds of 100 mph and it works just fine. The battery of the helmet charges via USB and it smartly stops as soon as it detects bright sunlight. Where else would you expect a rainproof mechanism than in England? The little LED lights help you attach it even in the dark and thanks to the USB charging you can power it up with a smartphone power bank.

The company assures you that if it doesn’t fit your helmet then your money’s coming right back to you. You can pick it up for £49 ($70) and a dollar and few cents more will get you one with a flag design on it. A separate wireless controller is available for £10 ($14.25). Hope we get something like this for spectacles soon

[ Via : Gizmag ]