FH001 Transparent, eco friendly speakers cost $26,000!

by Gareth Mankoo

The love for transparency is reflected everywhere; from our clothes to our gizmos, from wall clocks to automobiles. There’s this strange pleasure we derive from transparent objects, and that’s driven the making of this cool new design from Ferguson Hill to have come out with the FH001. The horn speaker pumps out 3 to 50 watts, so there isn’t much of a ‘speaker’ that you can look forward to in it. However, the good thing you’ll be doing by picking these up is going the green way. How? Well, the speakers happen to be made of clear acrylic and have a ultra high efficiency design. The spherical subwoofer, I must admit, looks just like my fishbowl.

Ferguson Hill’s FH001 speaker set costs a whopping $26,000! So much for going green the transparent way?