Ferrari could bring the first flying car on the road in two years

by mohsin

A team at Moller International is designing a flying car, called ‘Autovolantor’, based on a $ 319,653 Ferrari 599 GTB model, which it claims would be in the market in just two years’ time. The vehicle will have the ability to take off vertically and hover, thanks to its eight powerful thrusters which direct air down for takeoff. Vents then tilt so the car can fly forward. The vents then tilt back so the car can fly forward. The flying car is expected to be able to attain a speed of 100 mph (150 km/hr) on the ground and 150 mph (200 km/hr) in the air. It can run for 75 miles (130) in the air while on the ground it can run for 150 miles (200kms).

The flying car features a specially designed hybrid fuel and electric system to power the thrusters, creating as much as 800 brake horsepower, and it would be able to cruise at altitudes of up to 5,000 ft. The first prototype should be ready in 2009, and for $800,086 this flying beast could be all yours, Learjet anyone?

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