Ferrari launches cases for iPhone 6 and Samsung S5

by Shruti Shree

For smartphones such as Samsung S5 and iPhone 6 which give you a speedy performance, you might be looking for a racy case too. Ferrari has made limited edition cases for Samsung S5 and iPhone 6, the hottest smartphones these days. The case is made up of carbon fibre which is commonly used for making high end cars, sporting equipment, yachts and spacecraft. The cover has been designed to be sleek and sophisticated, so as to not add any bulk to the already big smartphones. The carbon fibre back has a Ferrari logo with a swaggering horse logo in a three directional emblem. To add to the aesthetics, the black carbon fibre is offset by the silver-ish/grey shell which adds more of a classier appeal to the smartphone.

Ferrari’s limited edition case for iPhone 6 is available for $44 and the Ferrari case for Samsung S5 is a little costlier than the iPhone 6 case being priced at $54.73. What are you waiting for now? You have the hottest gadget, now go and grab the coolest cover possible!

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