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Fatboy Speakers from Fatman

by Dhiram Shah

Sounds all so fatty, doesn’t it? The fat brigade is back. The Fatman iTube amps did leave their mark behind. Now it’s time for the Fatman’s minions – the Fatboy speakers – to make themselves noticeable. The 35 watt speakers are cute, round, black and compact. Not at all portable though. They are designed to be used in basically stationary setups and for monitoring purposes. The 5” speakers are Kevlar shielded. They have a solid steely look, thanks to the ‘Piano Black’ lacquer finish. The speakers actually give a ‘staring’ impression such that they appear to look like web cameras. In short, the Fatboys are strong, compact, loud, powerful, immobile and adorable, this about sums it up.

The Fatboy speakers are available for around $500 and are a good buy for setups that try their level best to save some valuable space.

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