Fashion companies doing novel things with ecommerce

by dhiram

Any businessperson will tell you that it is very hard to reinvent the wheel these days… or is it? There are many companies out there who are doing amazing things when it comes to selling online, and this simply proves the rule that if you work hard enough and have a great scheme, you can stand out of the crowd easily enough. During the last few years, the opportunity to be a part of the ecommerce growth has become so much simpler, to the point where many software providers are giving the necessary tools to start and you merely have to bring the game-changing idea and determination to succeed.

Fashion, in particular, is a very difficult section to get noticed. From Asos to Amazon to Zippos, not to mention all the smaller online fashion shops all vying for your attention, how on earth is a brand new ecommerce store supposed to challenge all those competitors at once? Well, like this 24-hour window, it helps when you offer something unique. It seems ‘click and buy’ isn’t enough now, you have to provide a different sort of online shopping experience. Here are a few fashion companies who are attempting to turn ecommerce on its head.

Crisp Clothing
This company is still in the funding stage via Kickstarter, but has a great idea for selling custom-made shirts online. As anyone who has ever bought a shirt before knows, finding the perfect fit is hard to come by. The sleeves could be too long, the waist too baggy, or the length simply too short. Crisp Clothing aims to change that by taking your height and weight measurements and hand-crafting the best fit for you. With quality Egyptian Giza cotton on hand and a modern factory in Mumbai, Crisp Clothing hope that they can get the financial backing to get their ecommerce dream started.

Trunk Club
Trying on items at home and sending them back if you’re not happy isn’t exactly new, but with Trunk Club, the difference is that you haven’t paid for the items yet. After you’ve given your style preferences through their website, you’ll be connected to a real life stylist, who will discuss your desired ‘trunk’ with you. Afterward, you will be sent a box of items (with free shipping) to try on, and after five days you simply pay for what you keep and send back what you dislike. Several more companies have adopted this method of late, including Amazon Prime with their new ‘Wardrobe’ feature, but Trunk Club was around before and continue to impress customers. The idea that you don’t have to feel pressured to like something is a notion every shopper can connect with, and the customized shopping basket is great for those who don’t even know what their preferred style might be.

It’s not very often that you can buy something fashionable and have some funds go toward a great cause, but that’s exactly the case with Serengetee. The online store makes a whole bunch of colorful and beautiful clothing and accessories that when purchased, each support a different organization across the world. Whether it’s war veterans in the USA, coast protection in Japan, or funding for women entrepreneurs in Brazil, every customer who buys an item knows that they are directly helping someone, somewhere.

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