Fancy a Batman Suite? Now available at $50 for 3 Hours

by Shalu Pillai

It probably suits Batman’s tastes, but then we aren’t Bats, are we? At the Eden Exoticism Planet Hotel in Taiwan however, there’s a unique new offering for those who like their crumbling, cheap, decades-old facades and are willing to pay for an over-priced experience for a few hours. Their one-of-a-kind, Bat Cave is designed for awake play and not overnight, sleepy fantasies; in a love motel for only $50 for three hours. Did that make you LOL!? The Bat-suite is designed with some old-school touches like a yellow and black bat signal headboard and an actual modern batmobile seat. Then, there are all those bats, the rock-like dungeon atmosphere, movie posters and other bat-niceties for the extra batty-touch. The Eden Motel has a couple of wild theme rooms from jail cells and comics to the Batman room.

With it’s by the (3) hour rates, it obviously won’t be beckoning the ‘family market’. However, adult looks for fun can get their money’s worth since additional perks like free lubrication and sexy lingerie is available. We don’t know if they mean a catwoman bodysuit, and honestly, I don’t think I want to know!