Fancy a Tron-styled necktie for you or bra for her?

by Gareth Mankoo

A pair of glowing knockers may be a turn on for a few. However, when it comes to looking anything like a Tron personality, you are sure to find a lot on the tube. Like the Tron-inspired party dress of sorts. Take these Etsy ElectricStyles electroluminescent neck ties and bras for instance. They would change the way people look at you. Especially the bras. It may create an exception where people actually look at the garb rather than imagine what lies beneath it. What’s more is that they come with a blink mode activated, to make you look like a little kinky Christmas tree. The necktie comes with an OM and Blinking mode while the bra offers ON, Slow Strobe and Fast Strobe modes.

The Etsy ElectricStyles necktie will not help you win new business during a pitch but will set you back $30. The bras however, will help women seduce rich geeks at the price of $60. There’s likely to be an erection-detecting underwear or even better, a moisture-detecting panty in the works somewhere that glows when it should and attracts a fellow homo sapien.