Fake Apple store shows up in China with counterfeits on display

by Gavril Mankoo

Steve Jobs! We’ve got news for you that might just make you go red with rage. The Chinese have done it again, counterfeiting not just about every Apple product, but the entire store itself! And we agree, the Chinese counterfeiters sure as hell know how to make their stuff look real, good enough to fool a not-so-sharp eye with fake Apple products. Nestled in Kunming, this counterfeit “Apple Stoer”, with the “store” probably purposefully misspelled to save out on a law-suit and with Chinese customers paying a blind eye to the bad spelling; this fake store has on display an array of counterfeit Apple gizmos, good enough to steal the sparkle out of Steve Jobs’ eye! And that just makes us wonder, why these manufacturers simply don’t come up with their own brand, use the technology to their advantage, and give Apple a real run for all its worth!