FaceID unlocks your door with Face Recognition

by Gareth Mankoo

FaceID is a cool, new system that will be the driving force behind most home security systems. The usual password, swipe card, retina and fingerprint scanning systems are already behind us, as face recognition takes it place in our midst. What’s really exciting about it is that it isn’t the usual concept that leaves us dreaming for a particular gadget, instead, FaceID is available, and looks good enough to make your porch look like the entry of a Smart Home. It uses a pair of digital cameras that help create a 3D image of your face. This face model is stored and matched with whoever stands before the system and decides whether to let in someone or not. Thankfully, it works in the dark as well.

FaceID is available for sale at just $447. Make sure that you take your mask off after the drunken party else you’re not getting in.

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