Facebook Trialing Easy Delete Option for Disgruntled Users

by iona

After seven years, increasingly loud calls for tighter security and recent reports that Facebook users in the US are more satisfied with IRS services than that of their favorite social networking site, Facebook bods are finally making it easier for us to leave the family fold. Facebook is trialing a new feature for disgruntled users to delete their accounts more easily. Current delete procedures take 14 days to confirm, during which time the freedom-hungry are bombarded with images of “friends” who will “miss you” and have been trying to contact you. It’s kind of like going cold turkey and maybe more difficult to break than a hard drugs habit. The new feature will allow you to delete your account less the emotional turmoil, but we are unclear how immediate the procedure will be.

To discover whether Facebook has chosen you for the trial, log on and check out your account settings.

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