Facebook Places Takes Stalking to the UK

by iona

Facebook Places was launched in the UK from today after successful trials in the USA last month, and Japan last week. Places uses real time to let users check where their ‘friends’ are. The idea is that you and your friends can share places you have discovered, but in reality, we all know it’ll be used to check out where your boyfriend or girlfriend really is, or to accidentally-on-purpose stumble on the chick you’ve had your eye on. Facebook promises that security is not an issue because Places is an opt-in service, so you can only be watched if you want to be, by those you want to watch you. There is also a ‘Here Now’ function that you can enable or disable at will, so you won’t be seen when you don’t want to be. The security procedures for kids is that they will only ever be visible to their ‘friends’, yet I must ask, who exactly controls who their friends are? I think Facebook should officially change its name to Stalkerbook and be done with it, because its latest service: Facebook Places, is nothing short of creepy. Places can be used via the Facebook for iPhone app or the site: touch.facebook.com.

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