Facebook engineer denies allegations of cookie tracking

by ruchi

Nik Cubrilovic, an Australian technologist had recently reported that Facebook continues to track the webpages you visit, even when you are logged out of Facebook. He also says that when the user is logged out of Facebook, the site, rather than deleting its tracking cookies, it merely modifies them, maintaining account information and other unique tokens to be used later to identify its users. So every time you access a webpage with Facebook button or widget, the browser continues sending personally identifiable information back to Facebook.

Cubrilovic also suggested a solution where you can delete every Facebook cookie in your browser or even use a separate browser for Facebook interactions alone. He also pointed that it is about time form Facebook to address privacy issues and give their users the tools to better manage their privacy. Some may see it is a gross intrusion to privacy but a Facebook had denied allegations of cookie tracking and one of their engineers say that they use cookies to ensure safety and protection of the users. The engineer also concluded that Cubrilovic has some interesting findings, but they point towards incorrect conclusions. The cookies are useful for reasons like providing custom content, maintaining the service, and protecting its users. As of now, everybody is waiting for an official statement from Facebook.