Facebook vest rewards each ‘Like’ you get with a hug

by Gareth Mankoo

Clothing and technology can go wonderfully well together, if they’ve been put there for a noble cause. And that’s just what the Like-a-Hug vest fulfils. With all those amazing status messages you post and the picturesque poses you strike in your pictures, you’re often hounded by ‘Likes’. Now it boils down to the fact that these amount to nothing but a little feeling of joy. How about receiving a hug each time you receive a ‘Like’ instead? The vest gives you a gentle squeeze each time you do get a ‘Like’, thanks to the Facebook integreation in it.

It feels like a hug they say. What’s more is that you can send a hug back by squeezing and deflating your vest. It may look absurd but yeah, that’s the complete story. So if you’re a chronic hugger, Facebook may just get a lot more meaningful to you.