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Facebook App encourages you to garb the homeless

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s quite likely that you may be hoarding some really old clothes, no less than tatters now, and aren’t encouraged enough to dispose them off. That’s where this interesting app by DDB Stockholm come into play. The agency has racked its finest minds together and settled in for an application that goes through your old images and rolls out the same, reminding you of the numerous old clothes you have archived so tenderly. Users can then tag images of old clothes they see in various albums as ‘You’ll never wear that again’ and then the app steps in with recommendations of where they can donate these clothes rather than having a huge wardrobe bonfire.

The campaign also runs physical posters and Direct Mail pieces, spreading the word of how old clothes need not stay. Unfortunately, each good deed comes at a price and here the price is severe embarrassment. The app will take over your privacy settings by some degree and post on your behalf.


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  1. It’s quite confusing on how this app works but since it helps not so fortunate people, this is good.


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