Exploding Motorola Phone kills Chinese welder

by Dhiram Shah

Faulty batteries have burned down houses, furniture etc in the past, but this is the first time it has claimed a life. Chinese news agency Xinhua is reporting on how a exploding Motorola phone took the life of Xiao Jinpeng a welder working at Yingpan Iron Ore Dressing Plant in Gansu’s Jinta county. Xiao’s mobile phone kept in his chest pocket suddenly exploded when he was working at the plant, his colleagues suggest that it exploded because of high temperatures. The incident took place on June 19 after which Xiao passed away yesterday as the explosion had broken his ribs and its fragments had pierced his heart.
(Image used for representation purpose only)

Motorola’s Bejing representatives are saying the company is not be blamed and questioned whether the man was using a fake Motorola cell phone or battery. An investigation by Motorola and Chinese authorities is going on but if the man was using an authentic Motorola phone then the company is in deep deep trouble.


  1. Luc

    I sincerely believe that the battery used is a replica made in China batteries as it’s cheap and the material used and assembly of the item mentiones is not reliable.
    Not that i am on Motorola’s side, i dislike Motorola’s product personally. However, mishaps happens everywhere.

  2. Mingo!

    I dont believe this !! This picture showing SEMENS Phone & you saying that is Motorola Phone … I think this is not right!

  3. andrea

    Mingo! read it the full you wil see this….
    (Image used for representation purpose only)

  4. lkbjf

    you guys are all nuts

  5. Hilary

    you fools its a SEMENS PHONE. hahahahh


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