Exovolt Plus, the world’s first stackable battery makes portable charging a breeze

by Gavril Mankoo

Stackable battery packs have never been thought of before, and Exogear’s latest seems like the perfect way to boost your devices with juice while out on the go, away from a proper power source. Called the Exovolt Plus, this stackable battery pack is the first of its kind and provides for easier charges while travelling. With the main battery and the sub batteries all measuring in at 94 × 94 × 15mm each, the Exovolt Plus concept comes with a 30-pin Charge/Synch cable making it ideal for use for the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod as well. And that’s not all. With USB connectivity, the Exovolt Plus can also be used to juice up tablets and smartphones from other brands including BlackBerry and Samsung and is priced at about $115 for the main battery and about $65 for the stackable sub-batteries.