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Evil Super Mario

by Dhiram Shah

Think of Super Mario and the first thing that comes to your mind is a bright colorful surrounding, plenty of gold coins, mushrooms in fact even the bad guys like the Owls and Koopa Troopa look cute. However San Diego-based concept artist Jose “Emroca” Flores has created the Amrageddon version of Super Mario. The skies are dark and Evil Mario with a grumpy look is sitting on a brick while placing his hand on the thigh of seductive looking Princess Peach. The beanstalk it seems is headed towards hell.

I hope Shigeru Miyamoto does not stumble across the dark avatar of his proud creation.

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  1. Carroll Bou

    I would so play this… in a heartbeat! I really hope it hits stores some time in the NEAR future. I love Mario, and I would love a completely new twist on the most recognizable video game character on the planet.


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