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Evergreen KS003 Sunglasses with MP3 Player

by Dhiram Shah

Evergreen Japan has launched the KS003 Sunglasses with MP3 player. It is ideal for Hiking, Snowboarding, Biking, etc. It has 256 mb of built in Flash player and the MP3 player supports MP3 and WMA files. A microphone is also present for recording and only 32 mb of memory is allocated for Voice recording. It connects to the PC via USB, files transfer and charging is done thru USB. It’s battery can fully charged in 2 hours and a full charge provide continuous playback for 8 hours. It is compatible with Windows only. Controls are located on the right arm. The sunglasses have Polarized UV400 lenses. The glasses weigh 50 grams.

The Evergreen KS003 glasses are availalble in Japan for
12,800 Yen ($ 110)

Docking Port

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