European Rule may compel Apple to sport batteries on iPod

by radhika

The directive according to the European Union rule could compel Apple to add removable batteries to the iPod. The”New Batteries Directive” stature says that batteries in electronic appliances need to be “readily removed”. This simply means that Apple will have to reconsider the svelte design on the booty and go in for a Europe-specific design. The reason behind the directive is to ensure that users dispose batteries in safe and conducive manner. This sounds logical because it could be possible that the batteries leak out toxin when dumped in landfills and the likes. This shifts the focus now on Apple and maybe the entire lineup of iPods will be revamped, because Jobs is known for not catering to a specific crowd.

However, the directive hasn’t been ratified yet, and maybe Apple will slither past asking for an exemption or modification. The company already offers free recycling for its iPods and iPhone, and supports third-party waste management as well.

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