Etón P’9120 The Porsche designed racy Clock Radio and iPod dock

by mohsin

Sure we all know who Porsche is but other than making cars they have diversified into making some stunning mobile phones. Porsche Design now presents the Eton Porsche P’9120 stereo system which comes with a separated iPod dock and built-in FM, AM as well as DAB RDS radio tuner. The radio provides for manual tuning along with ten presets for each band frequencies which include 10AM/10FM/10SW/10DAB. The Eton P’9120 has its body extruded from high quality aluminum which is a geometric acrylic block seamlessly fused to the metal housing. It has a metal remote control with built in torch, an OLED alphanumeric display panel that shows a 12/24 hour clock with an alarm that also has a battery backup feature, which uses 4 x AAA batteries. The device has 3” Active sub-woofers (87 Hz -2.5kH) along with Three 1.5” Full-range drivers that provide bone rattling bass and incredible clarity. The rubberized black paint on the speaker grills provides a unique texture, appearance and durability to the device. The design of this device is simply outstanding since it outputs a great audio experience as well as it has a ventilation system which ensures sufficient cool air circulation and exhausting of heat. The unit uses 240v adaptor / 13.5v output, as its supplied power source. Dimensions are W 130 x H 141 x D 229mm and weighing in around – 6.17 lbs / 2.8kg

The Porsche P’9120 is made of High quality aluminum and is priced at around $855; you seriously didn’t think it would be cheap now did you? To top the misery further, it’s not even a car stereo.

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