Espresso shots enter space years after beer

by Gareth Mankoo

Spacemen are generally always very alert. However, being subjected to an environment of vacuum, without much to listen to and sense could drive them into some inter-galactic slumbers every now and then. And even if it didn’t, who has ever needed an excuse to shoot down a powerful espresso shot? Lavazza have teamed up with Italian Space Agency and a Turin-based engineering company by the name of ‘Argotech’ to make espresso in space a reality. It’s called the ISSpresso machine and it does well to brew astronauts a healthy cup of coffee during their excursions.

Now while coffee enthusiasts would raise their arms in an elaborate caffeine-induced we regret to inform you that the beer-holics have once again superseded you with their rendition of space beer way back in 2008. Why, we also have a brewery up in the stars. Surely, the espresso will help with the morning after hangovers. Or do you get hangovers in space?