Esoteric New Master Clock Generator G-01 costs a million and a half Yen!

by Gareth Mankoo

It is one thing to make sure that the integrity of your media system’s quality and functionality always scores optimum. It’s another altogether, to get on with the whole deal of turning to the best there is to offer in the market because it is designed to burn a hole in your pocket with true gilded fury. The Esoteric New Master Clock Generator G-01 is considered to be the prime component of any digital studio. This specially designed Audio Master Clock Generator also packs an internal GPS ‘that will make sure to sync to the perfection the G01 atomic rubidium internal clock in order to offer your audio system the most amazing sound possible’.

1.41 million Yen ($17,748) is what it could cost you to reap the benefits of the Esoteric New Master Clock Generator G-01 to the fullest. This, only for pure sound and direction!