e-Shirt for is smart clothing for the smart athlete who likes sharing workout data

by Shayne Rana

For the hardcore athletes who needs to have all of their workout data collected real time and stored properly without having to unplug a whole slew of sensors etc., there’s a new system now that’s just what the doctor ordered. The e-Shirt is a new concept developed by a company called Emxys at ESA’s Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk in the Netherlands. It’s a ‘smart-shirt’ for the smart athlete. The TrainGrid technology, as the whole system is called is designed to determine in real time the athlete’s electrocardiogram, heart rate, skin temperature, body position and location via GPS and all via the e-Shirt with its integrated sensors. All of the data collected by the system will make its way to your phone or PC via Bluetooth and it can then be sent to your coach, doctor, friends or on a social network.

Now this technology is still in a developmental stage and the kit will set you back a cool $1300. Developers can buy the kit and use it to develop smartphone apps that could also include social networking tie-ins for sharing workout details. It’s all about the cloud now, even the clothes and sports training is heading there.

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