EPOS-lite a wireless menu pad that lets you order and pay for meals

by mohsin

The common irony of visiting a restaurant is that when you are in there and hungry, even an expensive dish sounds reasonable. It’s only after you’re finished with the meal, and the bill is served, that we start wondering who asked for what on the menu, and how expensive the place really is. Here’s where this revolutionary new device comes in-handy, the EPOS-lite by a company called allport, has designed a portable digital notepad, which can display the restaurant’s menu, place your order and let you pay even before the meal is presented to you. Eliminating the need for you to wait until the waiter takes the credit card out of your sight. It also features a wireless charging option for on-the-table recharging.

The menu essentially saves businesses reprinting costs as new menu data can be updated instantly. The biggest advantage I can think of is that of, editing your order, when the bill gets too hot to handle.

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