Eporo robot by Nissan can move in a swarm like fish

by mohsin

Nissan is working on a new robotic car that may remove the human element from accidents altogether. The concept car is called EPORO and it mimics the behavior of fish in order to move and avoid collisions. Eporo has been given 2 laser range finders positioned to give a field of view 288 degree wide. Combined with information about the environment, the group of robots can sense each other and change direction as necessary. The robot stands about 50cm (1′7″) tall, weighs 13kg (28.6 lbs), and has a maximum speed of approximately 1.4km/h.

EPORO is short for Episode Zero Robot and is meant to signify a vehicle that produces zero emissions and is free of accidents. For now it’s just a concept, but I like the sound of such technology being chalked out for the future.
Via [Plastic pals]

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