En-Tech Vibe NVE-100 ear-phone clips onto the ear

by Dhiram Shah

The latest technology has seen the earphones develop into gadgets that so efficient that they block out all external noises. In one way this is a good thing, because it ensures that you get to hear clear, crisp sounds. On the other hand, it poses a danger, because one tends to get so engrossed in the music that you may not hear the car honking while you cross the road. The En-Tech Vibe NVE-100 ear-phone has this advantage; it clips onto the ear and allows you to hear ambient noises as well. It is a safer option for those who commute on foot or use public transport. Since it clips on externally like an earring, it does not damage your ear drums and delivers the sound directly to the tympanic membrane in the auricle of the user. It charges via USB and half an hour of charging results in 6 hours of playback.

The En-Tech Vibe NVE-100 vibrating earphones will be available for $105 (approx. Rs. 4,400) in Korean market. It was showcased at the SEZ 2007.

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