Enormous Transformers 3 Cake-if only you could eat your obsession for Autobots

by ruchi

We have earlier seen a lot of geeky cake replicas but this one is top of the heap stuff. Here is the huge-a@@ cake which was made by Cake Boss to pay his respects for the upcoming Transformers 3 movie. This isn’t just like any other cake where you’d have characters simply standing on a stage.

This one seems to have caught Bumblebee halfway through the transformation process where it converts from Camaro into an Autobot. And the parts aren’t stationary. You can actually move its wings up and down, and this impressive nuance is achieved by use of sticky and sugary hydraulics. The cake weighs about 20,000 lbs and stands over 12 feet tall. The maker of the cake, Valastrao, confided that this one of the milestones in his bakery career. I wonder when and who’d actually get to taste this. For more on similar cakes, check out the Master Yoda Cake, Super Mario Cake and Angry Birds Cake that we featured earlier.