Enjoy solar-powered electricity while outdoor with the XSOL portable generator

by Gareth Mankoo

As fuel reserves diminish steadily and everyone thinking green, solar energy seems to be the only likely solution to the future of power generation. The XSOL portable generator was shown off at the Smart Grid Expo in Tokyo (Smart Energy Week 2013). It’s christened as the ECO1800SJ and XSOL are well on their way to be pitched as the first developers of portable solar power generation. We had seen vehicles in the past that powered themselves using solar power, however, the generator offers more value by power you on the move, just as long as the sun shines bright.

It offers a total of 6 outputs (AC and DC) that will let you charge your portable devices and power-up appliances, no matter in which sunny part of the planet you are. The XSOL generator takes a good 12 to 18 hours of sunlight to charge up, fully.


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