Enigma iPhone, iPad and iPod Data Recovery

by dhiram

Lost your iOS device, damaged it or accidently deleted all your important data? We’ve all been there! But gone are the days where we have to go and restore our devices from an old iTunes backup. We no longer have to worry about the fact we might have forgotten to back up our devices on iTunes recently. Enigma Recovery is the world’s first iPhone data recovery software that offers a complete recovery solution.

This innovative software can enable users to retrieve missing data from both iTunes or iCloud backups on iOS devices. It is designed to work with the free restore app and helps you to both export and restore various types of important information you feared were lost forever. This can include deleted messages, contacts, recent call history, calendar items, videos, photos and much more!

When you back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes or sync it with iCloud, you have to do so between the point of receiving and deleting the retrievable data in order to restore them back. The device restore will reset your device back to the point of your last backup. The risk of this is that you will lose any data created since the last backup. A way around this is to use Enigma Recovery’s iPhone Data Recovery software.

Extract your essential data

Enigma Recovery helps you to extract the exact items you need from your backups and restore them onto your iOS devices. In addition to this, you can export the data to both Windows and Mac computers. In other words, you will always have your own copy of your most important data in usable formats such as PDF, XML and CSV.

This is the first iPhone data recovery software to solve many issues vexing iOS users for years. It has recovered over 1 billion deleted items from around the world and saved irreplaceable memories. You can download Enigma Recovery on Windows and Mac now.