Energous Wireless charger Wattup can charge devices in 20 feet range

by Shruti Shree

CES this year has been very happening this year with a lot of innovative and futuristic products launched. Alas, it came to an end today, and last but not the least we saw the launch of Energous Wattup wireless charger which can charge many a gadgets wirelessly from up to 20 feet away. Isn’t that amazing! So now you can move with your smartphone or tab and it will still get charged. However, the farther you go the speed of charging will decrease and vice versa. Also, the more number of devices charged, the slower will be the charging speed. Energous Wattup will be like a Wi-Fi router, just plug it and it will charge all the devices kept within its range. Wattup will connect to your device through Bluetooth and will send power through radio frequencies and other radio technologies.

We have seen wireless chargers before, but they require the gadgets to kept literally on top of them. What’s the point really? Energous Wattup’s USP is that the devices can be carried around the house. If you are a GadgetOFreak whose devices are always running out of charge, you might want to order Wattup now. But, sadly you will have to wait, as Energous Wattup will only be available by 2016. Each Wattup transmitter will cost $300 and will be able to charge 12 devices at once.

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