Emotiv’s headset allows you to mind-control objects

by yogesh

Your mind is a powerful tool and can be used to manipulate your (as well as others) thoughts. But have you considered the possibility of controlling digital objects? The Emotiv’s headset lets the user have some control over objects on a computer. Using your brain as an interface and a blend of hardware and software, make it possible. The hardware consists of a headset that comes with a set of sensors that are built to read your brain waves. The software has been designed to interpret those brain waves in such a way as to allow users to manipulate objects onscreen with nothing but their mind. Sounds spooky! Here’s how it works: The software has several choices for actions you can take. So, taking the disappearing cube as an example, once you’re hooked up to the headset, you’re directed to run a short, six-second test, where you concentrate on doing something, anything, with your mind–relax, focus, whatever. Then, once you’ve completed the test, it’s you against the cube. And the challenge is to see if you can reproduce what it was you were doing with your mind during the test; If so, the cube slowly disappears. You could also try and pull the cube forwards, but this task is much more difficult.

There is no relationship at all between brain activity that is consciously trying to “pull” the cube forward and what happens. What really matters is that your brain wave pattern matches that of the software during the six-second calibration. The headset is currently in the prototype stage and will be ready for the market by Christmas this year, at a price of $299. It will come along with a game on which you can use the technology.

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