Elliptical CrossTrainer – Lets you burn fat while shooting Aliens

by Dhiram Shah

Working out alone can be boring, you need something to pep you up and keep your motivation to burn those calories high. The ProForm 20.0 Elliptical CrossTrainer promises to do that. Featuring two GameFit interactive video games integrated into the trainer, you can play the games as well as burn calories at the same time. Entertaining you during the workout, the games are designed to become easier to play based on how hard you workout. Soot the aliens and improve your pedaling skills at the same time. It also features adjustable upper-body workout arms, ClearView backlit consoles, Coolaire workout fan, Dual-Grip EKG HRM, oversized gel gripped pedals, music port etc.

You can enjoy 2 Heart Rate workouts, 3 Personal Trainer workouts and 9 Targeted Cross Trainer workouts with the ProForm 20.0 Elliptical CrossTrainer. The trainer costs $800.
Via – Medlaunches

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