Elite’s race car simulator brings the game to life

by Dhiram Shah

The Elite Racer Pro simulator provides you with the ultimate gaming experience with the help of the fantastic 32 inch, high definition Sony LCD and 5.1 surround sound system. Besides the look and sound, the game also has the feel injected into it in large doses to keep you on your toes as you challenge those impossible turns and rough terrains in the comfort of your home. The simulator’s vibrations and motion setup is developed by Crowson. With some good response time and fantastic realism, Racer Pro can be deceivingly addictive once you perch yourself into it. Besides this, it also has 4 GB main memory with a Quad Core CPU and 500 GB of data storage. For those of you who do not want the excellence of the 1080p High Definition screen, there’s always an option of Vuzix I-Wear or a triple screen setup, since the simulator supports these.

There isn’t much said about the price or availability of the Elite Racer Pro, but what one can be sure of is the anticipation of gamers to set themselves into one of these.

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