Elite750 is the world’s first premium Email Address Club

by yogesh

Exclusivity is mostly high maintenance and big on cost. Maybe that is what draws lovers of opulence to websites like Elite750.com. The excusive Club is touted to be “the world’s first provider of exclusive email accounts” with email ids that read as @elite750.com. The email account is priced at a whopping $750 per month with a signup fee of $7,500. Limited to only 750 members worldwide, the Elite750 club gives members additional services, like email archiving and printout, basically everything that a regular email id with at a cost. Like I said, exclusivity comes with a huge price tag!

There is also a limitation to the number of potential accounts by country. News update on the site states that as of yet they are not accepting applications for the Bahrain, Malaysia, Germany, Monaco, Gibraltar, Argentina, Uruguay, The Bahamas, Switzerland as the country quota has been reached.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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