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Electronic facemask

by Dhiram Shah

Paper facemasks are typically worn in hazardous working conditions where a large amount of dust particles, bacteria or contaminants are present in the ambient air. However, people with breathing difficulties, such as asthma, struggle to suck air through the paper mask while exhaled air tends to leak past the edges of the mask along the user’s face. This idea is a battery-powered filtrating facemask that has an extended chamber in front of the nose and mouth of the user in which a dual filtration system is housed. The dual filtration system utilizes electronic ionisation and static electricity to neutralize germs and remove air borne particles, such as pollen, from inhaled air.

The periphery of the facemask body contains an elastic seal to form a close fit over the bridge of the nose and side of the user’s face. The system is driven by a pocket sized control unit, which is clipped to the user’s belt. The control unit can also be connected to the electric mains as an alternative power source while the batteries are being recharged. Via – IOL

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  1. jeff croker

    Any more info on face masks please
    Would they help breathing?


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