Electronic Biggies come together on One WiFi STB to link all gadgets

by yogesh

A new kind of technology is gaining support from the biggies of the industry that include Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, Samsung and Motorola. They all have agreed to support the Amimon Whole-House Wireless HD Standard. The beauty of this technology is that suppose you have a TV at home, it will be able to access any source at home e.g. the Playstation in the den or the DVD player in the sitting room; minus the clutter of wires. Amimon has announced the WHDI consortium with the above members, formed to standardize their wireless HD spec and embed it in member companies’ TVs, projectors and HD video sources. The chip uses a wide range of spectrum (5GHz for WHDI and anywhere from 3.1 to 10.6 GHz for UWB). Gizmodo explains, “WHDI, however, is camped out in a chunk of unlicensed 5GHz spectrum just like 802.11n Wi-Fi, meaning it must be able to tolerate the reasonable levels of interference only from other devices that use the same frequencies, and can broadcast at higher power levels than UWB—enough for a range of “over 100 feet.” WirelessHD, a third major spec also funded by Samsung and Sony, plus Panasonic, Toshiba, LG and NEC, uses the 60GHz band, and apparently has problems unless the transmitter and receiver are within line-of-sight.”

With this technology components will be paired through menu systems using a passkey, like Bluetooth. Theoretically the spectrum can hold around six streams of 1080p video at a time. TV’s with Amimon’s chip are expected to hit the shelves next year, costing about $100 more than equivalent non-wireless TVs.

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