Electrolux Impress Refrigerator takes care of forgotten leftovers

by Gareth Mankoo

Food isn’t something we like to throw away, nor should it be. So we store it in the depths of the fridge, making sure it will be safe and preserved until we eat again. But alas, we forget these with human precision and it lies there, freezing itself to death. That’s why the Electrolux Impress Refrigerator is a real lifesaver. It works really well to ensure that your food is consumed, by putting your food in a place you wouldn’t forget. It holds both, containers and bottles.

The Electrolux Impress Refrigerator also acts as an energy expert by using lesser power when there are lesser storage items. The concept has been worked on by Ben de la Roche and is among the top 10 designs in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab.


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