Elecom “Un Photoalbum” rises above the thrash of everyday digital photo frames

by ruchi

With the advent of hi-tech digital cameras, we rarely feel the need to take prints and pin it on our walls. But some may beg to differ and would prefer to be reminded of their special ones every time they step a foot in their room or some other place. Elecom has surprised us again with their latest creation called “Un Photoalbum” that promises to rise above the existing heap of digital frames with its impressive display quality and battery life.

This compact digital frame is part of the company’s DPF-A8WM10 series and comes with 8” LED display and 1280×768 screen resolution. Other specs include 2GB internal memory, a SDXC Slot, HDMI out, USB 2.0, full HD videoplayback and also support for DivX and H.264 video files. It also has USB OTG that lets you directly plug-in your digital camera and other USB-capable devices. Elecom is making these available in color options of black and white. They also claim a single charge can keep the device alive for good 3 hours. It is expected to be available in Japan this month for a price of US$192 equivalent.
If you think Elecom has done a fine job with this digital photo frame, check out their USB Data clips we featured earlier, which are actually USB flash drives disguised as office paper clips.