Elecom SCR-CD001 CD shredder / scratcher

by Dhiram Shah

We have seen USB powered paper shredders and now we have a USB powered CD shredder from Elecom. It does not break the CD into tiny pieces but instead uses a more practical approach. It scratches the CD making it totally unreadable. Just plug the device to your USB port place the CD turn on the switch and in under 5 seconds you have a frisbee.

The Elecom SCR-CD001 is available in Japan for 3,150 Yen ($ 26).
Unreadable scratched disc


  1. Steve

    The disk was scratched on the wrong side! The scratches are only on the plastic disk and could be buffed out. Since the foil and die are on the top of the CD it should be placed top down. This way the scratching tool will destroy the foil by penetrating through to the plastic disk. Just buy a real shredder!

  2. Richard

    Why bother scratching it when you can destroy it quite easily by putting it for 10 sec into the microwave oven . It blows it for good I can guarantee it :-).

  3. Cmdr Psike

    That would make for some nice X-mas ordiments

  4. adarsh alreja

    Shredders are available for less than $ 25 and they are more multi purpose and do a better more professional job with all kinds of documents as also CD`s. Moreover there is no hassle of plugging onto a usb port of a pc. These work on normal power and can be used by anyone in office.

  5. xip

    But where is the fun in using ordinary stuff??
    when a usb SCRATCHER!!! is availble!!!

  6. wadesun

    I use the Compact Disc Eraser. At only half the price, it sure gets the job done, and doesn’t require USB power to operate!


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